Murder Mystery Evenings

Breaking News!

Boundary Players have recently performed a Murder Mystery for Save The Children at Englefield House and will be repeating the scenario at the Aldermaston Recreational Society early in 2019.

What happens at a Murder Mystery Event?

During the evening one (or more) murders will occur and your challenge is to work out the murderer’s identity, his/her motives and the clues that have led to your conclusion.

After all your questions have been asked and answered you will be asked to enter your accusation and details of the motives and clues on the Murder Sheet which will be provided.

At the end, there will be a prize for the most clued up answer, so don’t let others know any of your suspicions and discoveries.

How do I get clues?

Take the opportunity to question each member of the cast on anything that may be relevant as they come to your table. Ask them about themselves, or what they know about other people. There will also be time to put more questions to everyone towards the end of the evening, but at that stage be careful!

If you think you have the answer, don’t ask a question which gives away what you have worked out. You don’t want to give help to anyone else!

Remember: murderers often lie but then so does anyone else who has a secret to keep. However, before you have to make your accusation, you will have had the opportunity to gain all the necessary facts.